Meet our Team
Zara Torre

Zara is a law graduate, practising dentist, and has completed a Masters in Public Health with a particular interest in health economics addressing social disadvantage. She is excited about all of the things and creating new frameworks to imagine philanthropy! The goal of The Difference is to provide an innovative digital platform that allows you ‘round-up’ the spare change from any e-commerce transaction to make a difference to causes locally and globally.
Reuben Varughese
COO, NFP Engagement.

Being passionate about improving lives Reuben has been involved with NFP for over 10 years. This has included living and working on the ground in Cambodia and planning a Community Aid mission for over 700 people from 6 different countries. He has seen first hand how a little for one person can make a big difference in some one else's life. The idea of using technology to disrupt and develop a new philanthropy model, that takes our insignificant change to make a significant change excites me.
Mikayla Coombes

Mikayla has a love of coffee, design and well thought out social media. She has gifting in Social Media, Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing & Analytics and has worked on a diverse range of projects in the NFP and charitable sector.
Hannah Thambipillai
Marketing and Social Media Strategist

Hannah has a passion for communications, graphic design and online community management. As a BCom graduate she focusses her skillset in Technology for work and Social Media Strategy the Difference.
Geraldine Muriritiwa
Digital Creative

Experienced creative design and branding professional currently working in the marketing and advertising industry. Geri was the Creative Director at Zvita Multimedia before combining her loves for the creative, health and technology and channelling it towards a greater cause. The Difference is exactly that, an opportunity to truly change the world within my areas of passion and purpose.
"It always seems impossible until it is done"

- Nelson Mandela